Saturday, August 21, 2010


adapted from a poem by Charles C Finn, by anonymous

If you want to know how important,
you are to me, how you can be
the creator of my person,
then you must let me in,
you alone can break down the wall
- behind which I tremble

And you alone can see me behind the mask
that I wear with discomfort.
You alone can release me from my shadow world
of panic and of uncertainty, for my lonely
person, please don't pass me by.
I know it won't be easy for you at times,
a long conviction of worthlessness built strong walls
And the nearer you approach me,
the blinder I may strike back, you see,
I seem to be fighting against the very thing
I want the most.
But I'm told that love is stronger than walls
And, in this, lies my only hope.

One of my all time favorite poems...ended up in a dream, very weird dream. Paging Dr Freud, Dr Sigmund Freud please see crazy chic on the right.

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