Monday, August 30, 2010

The M word

So, everything is scheduled to be turned off as of tomorrow. My TV/Internet is scheduled to come back on Wednesday between 2-4 CST. My laundry is working, dishes are done, counters are clean, cupboards are cleaned out enough for the movers, I have nice lil stacks of stuff for them to pack, all my books and a good portion of Doodles are packed and ready to go, I think I will disconnect the "entertainment system" {giggle, I should take a pix of it you would giggle too} and get that wiped down and ready, possible pack the movies and CDs......whatcha think should I pack the clothing or let the movers do it???? Last thing done will be unhooking the computer and my clock --- does it sound like I am ready? I'm not, there is always the bathroom.....UGH
My friend J stopped over to pick up the Smart Cycle (best money ever spent) and I found out her oldest plays soccer out in St Chuck I will have sporting events to go to and Doodles best friend will be visiting often. YAY :)

UPDATE: It is 9:49 pm CST and I am absolutely exhausted. The bathroom is done and clean. the living room is as done as I am doing it as is everything else. You know what I realized, I am a horrible housekeeper...the dust was out of control!!! You know what else I realized my last meal was yesterday at lunchtime.

My cat is gonna FREAK when I get her stupid carrier out....HEHEHEHE I can't stand this animal. I keep her for Doodles. The fact that I get to keep her in there for an extended period of time thrills the part of me that cannot stand this cat (think hair balls eeeccckkkkhhhhh) to no end; the other part, the cat lover, feels kinda sorry for her........
awww poor kitty :)

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