Saturday, August 28, 2010


definition -- ME. But I started on Doodles room about a half hour ago.

Is it mean that I have thrown away a lamp and have half a garbage bag full of trash???? I need to move every few years just to cull out the crap I let people get away with giving that child. I stopped because I hurt my finger and he caught on to the trash fest. I am giving him to his dad tomorrow until the movers take me to the new apartment. Doodles won't miss a thing....if he does, I forgot it :) MEANEST MOM one takes my crown {insert evil laugh here}

I just had a whistle blown in my ear, comment "Mommy, I'm random"....I'm gonna go get some chocolate and a Pepsi!!!! You figure out my kid, give me a jingle ok????

UPDATE: I gave away all of Doodles mega legos. I don't want to hear it, they have been in his closet for over a year. I threw the rest of his blocks away...ditto not wanting to hear about it. I also threw away a good portion of his toys that were just not needed -- I should have gone through that box he packed, but ho hum. I am giving away his smart cycle to a friend. I convinced him he has his Wii, besides he is too old for the Smart Cycle. {I highly recommend that money spent!!!} Doodles room -- ready for the movers!!!!! Yes, he agreed to the giveaway and trash fest ---- YAY the power of mommy!!!!


Misses M said...

LOL... "Mommy, I'm random" that's so funny!

A few minutes ago I was handing Abby some pretzels and I said "Abby, these are pretzels. Can you say PRETZEL?". She grabbed the pretzels, said "Daaayam!" and walked off.

kc said...

Daaaayam - Pretzel....sounds the same to me, especially if its the yummy sourdough ones LOL

Yes, He is nothing if not funny and apparently random... He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

Foursons said...

Hahaha- glad he let you weed through the junk. Moving is great for that.

kc said...

YES....but he still managed 5 LARGE boxes and 1 Extra Large....hmmmmmm