Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Wrongs

ahhhh....want to know what I did wrong this week???

1. I asked an avid reader if we should give books to charity.
  • No Mommy, I want to keep all of them. Wait, we can give these 2 away
2. I asked a question to my co-workers
  • I know better than that!!!
3. I expected people I worked with to ask questions if they don't understand something
  • Seriously, the fact that people do things (incorrectly) without checking kinda messes with my mind
4. I asked the exe when he wanted Doodles for Christmas and if he could take him on Saturday
  • It does appear that I bumped my head and everything is back to normal
The good news is that I do not work Friday (yuk yuk yuk, he he he, hardy har har). It is Wednesday night and I have only received 2 stupid emails since leaving work (I try not to be like that but sometimes I look at my blackberry and ask it to repeat itself because things don't make sense). I have a date on Saturday. And, I am off to Seattle next week which is AWESOME! {I am going to get in touch with my inner domestic diva and make some Mostacolli for M and the fam. I should find a funky desert to make too :)} So, if ya could just wish for good weather in Seattle next week that would be fabu!!!

{and, if anyone wants to pass on gift ideas for a 13 year old boy...I have come up with ___ - yeah thats it. And I really don't want to give him money, he is one of the most awesome kids ever so I need to figure it out.}

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Foursons said...

I Tunes giftcard. GameStop giftcard. I know these aren't much better than money, but they love these things. Is he into sports? What team? Team stuff is always good.