Saturday, December 4, 2010

'The Mice before Christmas'

Doodles had his school play this morning. It was very cute, except for the other parents who stood in front of me. Excuse me for getting there early enough to find a place against the wall....well, I found a chair, but gave that to an elderly lady and stood up. It was very cute. 'The Mice before Christmas', Adorable and the acting and singing was superb!!!! Doodles was in the chorus. I took some pix and some video. The pictures didn't turn out that well, I would post one of the videos for your viewing pleasure, but in one I had big head and in the last one I had some lady yelling at one of her, more audience participation than first graders. Ahhhhh, the memories we shall have of this!!! :)

Lo and behold, the alternate universe has not ended (yet)....A was in attendance and stuck around after the play to see if Doodles wanted to do anything else. I am grabbing my blankie and gonna get comfy...I may put the DND sign up for awhile so I can just enjoy. more development, this just in -- the principal called 2 seconds ago and I WON! I filled out the raffles just to give money to the PTO because I feel so guilty that I cannot give time to kiddos school and I won one of the baskets. The family reading basket ($45 Barnes & Noble gift card, cookbook, Geometric origami, Judy Blume, The Lightening Thief, Clementine, and more). YAY!!!! Now, what to do, should I give it away as a gift or can I keep it for myself??? That is so selfish ---- LOL

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Foursons said...

Are there pigs outside flying around your house? You sure have some amazing things going on!

I'd keep the things you want in the basket for yourself and gift some of it away. But don't give the whole thing away, you deserve some fun stuff too!

Congrats on all the blessings lately!