Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Home is where...well, it's where I am at the moment. I don't know that I have a place that I consider a home. My home is wherever Doodles is. That sounds trite, and shah right!!! But, yeah its true.......wherever that kid is I'm happy. I think it's because I learned a long time ago not to get attached to a physical place - not abode or city. I am very comfortable in the metro area in which I live, and love it; but, if my job told me to move tomorrow I probably could without too much heartache. Hassle, yes, TONS of hassle...but heartache not so much. (that's sad...but eh, whatever)

Anyway, I got home and Doodles had a set of Roald Dahl books and I had the most aweSOME hoodie waiting for me!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, I guess I have another 'date' tomorrow night, unless something comes up. Yep, been talking to this boy for a little over 2 months and have not gone out on a 'date' because something always comes up - usually it's me, but last time it was him...once again eh if we go out we go out. Its not like its going to be anything but friends until I get this divorce thing finalized.....

Which brings me to the new year. A says he will pay to do the divorce since I paid last time (no, not holding my breathe -- for the divorce drama you can see here, here, here and here). But, he wants to do some funky stuff with custody and....well he is gonna make me scream so instead of a nice friendly divorce its gonna be UGLY! I don't want it to, but if he does not pull head out of, well ya know, it just is not going to be easy.

Ok, gonna go beat up on my kiddo for awhile for pretend burpin in my ear. Seriously, I wanted a boy.........what was I thinking. (Girls are sweet, and not gross, and always do as they are told -- that is my view don't spoil it HA!)


M said...

Hmmm... maybe you could relocate to Seattle?

So happy you and Doodles liked your gifts!

Ooooh nooo... now what is A up to? Of course it couldn't be so simple as him just paying like he said he would and thats that.

Um, yes... girls are sweet and never gross and always obedient. Especially two year old girls. (Ducking now to avoid being hit by a bolt of lightning).

kc said...

And boys always go to bed on time with no arguments... BWAHAHAHA lightening is headed this way, take cover!

Would this be a good time to state that while in training I was offered a job in Seattle? SHHHHH! If I didn't like my company so darn much I may have taken it.

A...blech. I am sure I will be venting, I mean writing about it sooner or later.

Foursons said...

Having lived within the same 10 mile radius my entire life, I envy the fact that you can pack up and move without incident. It would be a HUGE deal for me to leave everything I have ever known but I have a small desire to see what else is out there. I don't think I'll ever leave while my mom is still alive and I don't want to pull the boys out of their schools so it sounds like I'll be pretty darn old before I ever get the chance to move and by then I won't want to leave my grandkids.