Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The I Wants...and aliens

My child has always been a content child. He has never really been one to want things, or rather to say I want this or I want that. Going through a store with him is pretty easy as far as those things go...he may see a ball or book or something and mention it but it is only once and then that's the end of it. At the end of the shopping trip if I have extra money and he has been good more often than not he will get the little item he had mentioned, otherwise we leave the store and go on with our lives.

That was our past...something happened when he turned 7. I do not know what, I do not know why, and I am not entirely sure but aliens may be involved somehow. Hey, its a theory! Anyways, for the last month I have been hearing the phrase "I WANT" come out of that child's mouth for everything. I believe yesterday he wasn't even paying attention, but a commercial came on and it was "I want that" and I was oh really, you would like that type of toilet paper??? His response, oh mommy don't be silly I thought it was a toy commercial. UGH!!!! He hasn't even been picky about gender specific toys -- "I WANT".

Wait, is anyone getting the feeling that the I Wants are driving me a little insane??? Oh , wellllll...ya know.....maybe a little bit. I cannot even really tell what is a true I want any more or a I want because that is what a kid is supposed to say when a toy commercial comes on.

Thankfully, the aliens have not totally taken over because his Christmas wish list was approximately 4 items long. When I got it I did sarcastically ask about all of the "I wants" and he replied that he really only wants what is on his list, the other stuff if just toys and he has lots of those. (I wanted to take his round little head in my hands and say look kid than stop with the I want...but instead I took his round little head in my hands and gave him a loud sloppy kiss). Anyone want to bet with me that I will hear at least 4 "I wants" tomorrow?????


Heidi said...

dealing witht the 'i wants' can be tough (even when I'M the one wanting something!) ;)

hopefully it will subside after christmas??

M said...

Ohhh, I dread when Abby gets the "I wants"!

kc said...

The "I wants" are so dumb...there has been one already this morning about something he already has....so, it was kinda funny cuz I went into his room grabbed it and said TA DA - there ya go no more telling me you want stuff. HA, I win!

I don't mind them so much when it is something he really, truly wants :)

Rachel said...

I was already laughing through your post (because my son is 4 and he's already hit that stage), and then I read your comment here and it cracked me up!

My husband has declared a moratorium on any ToysRUs visits, just because he couldn't handle the incessant I Wants the two times we went. Lightweight.

Glad your Christmas was good!