Monday, December 20, 2010

Clean Driver

I just cannot wait to shout it to the the whole, wide world!!! CLEAN DRIVER, right here!!! What, you thought I was talking about that whole writing thing I had to do this morning??? Dude, who cares about that when your insurance company sends you the most wonderific email ever. Yes, I would kiss, hug, bow before, cook for -- wait lets not get crazy I cook for no one! But If that insurance guy was close I would probably kiss him! Yo, no one mess with me or my driving abilities! I am a clean driver!!!!!!! Do you know what that means? Yes, insurance rates drop low, low, low... OK ALREADY...yeah it means I totally talked all of those police, wonderful, beautiful, nice, kind, policemen out of giving me tickets.... DUDE, can you please stop it....alright yes it means I will probably get a ticket on the way to pick Doodles up from school. But for right now, as of this minute I am a CLEAN DRIVER so there!

Yeah, writing went fine. I will be able to take 9 credits of communications next quarter - yay me. See all that enthusiasm? It is bursting out of me LOL


Foursons said...

Congrats! Santa should put something extra nice in your stocking for sure.

M said...

Woohoo! I hope this post doesn't break your streak!

I talked myself out of so many tickets... and then is suddenly caught up with me and I got three tickets within a year or so. The last one FINALLY dropped off the insurance last year... and I am a much more careful driver now.

kc said...

oooo HUSH you.....I have been super paranoid since talking to the insurance guy thinking all the Po PO were out to get me and make my insurance rates sky rocket LOL