Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halfway There

My week has been amazing! I have heard so much about Seattle weather I prepared myself for some crazy torrential rain...but beyond a slight misty rain yesterday morning (which M and I braved and conquered) I have been very let down Seattle! Where is the Pineapple Express??? Where is the rain???? Where is all those dreary rainy days I am expecting??? Oh well, much like the horrible St Louis Metropolitan area winters sorta reside in the heads of those people that live there (seriously, winter is snow, ice and cold for longer than a month but don't tell them that they would FREAK)....we will allow the Seattle folk to believe that this is the rainiest, grayest area on the face of the earth (I saw sun every day -- shhhhhhh, it's ok we won't tell them that).

Now, my kiddos week has not been that spectacular from what I gather. There was an incident at school that I heard about via text...mmmm I sent a message to his teacher. Here is her response:

"Basically, I went behind the cubby wall that’s in our classroom to get some paper and a student had said “We have no teacher.” {Doodles} preceeded to say, “Let’s trash the place!” and “Let’s break everything!” When I came from behind the wall I let {Doodles} know how disappointed I was that he would say/think something like that. I then asked him to pull his card and he began to pout and stomp his feet. Today however, I gave the whole class several warnings during calendar to stop shouting out and next person who did would pull a card. Several minutes later {Doodles} shouted out and he pulled his card. Again stomping around. I let him know if he continued to stomp, he’d be on yellow. But he continued anyway and as of right now is on yellow. He served his -5 minutes of recess today. let me know if you have any more questions."

Really Doodles!!!! So, Mommy-time...I called A and told him that I needed to speak to our son today and would be done with training by 4 Pacific time. We talked and once the conversation was done he assured me he would behave the rest of the week. He agrees that it is not appropriate behavior and it will never happen again.........

OK, so I am traveling a great deal in Feb and Mar....A needs to pull his Daddy card out of where ever he has it stored and be able to parent!!! He called/sent me text messages two different days telling me how ridiculous the behavior was. Yeah, hello parent the child! Not just with negative, but with positive reinforcement too. You'll get farther. UGH.


M said...

I'm happy you enjoyed your time here... Seattle really is a great city!

OMG... I can't believe you would suggest to A that HE parent his son! I mean, you're Doodles mom... parenting him is entirely your responsibility!

kc said...

I know....parenting, 2 people...a mom and a dad...STOP THE CRAZY TALK! I am back to earth and am taking complete responsibiity for the parenting -- someone tell me about the birds and the bees again, I missed something?!?!?!? HA

It really, really, really is a great city! (as an aside my brother in Alaska is a smidge upset I didn't take a side trip) :)