Monday, December 6, 2010

Pity Party

You are cordially invited to attend a pity party being thrown by and for....ME!!!


  1. there will be NO positive remarks made
  2. you must wallow with me - jump on in the waters fresh and salty
  3. anger is fine
  4. disparaging remarks are encouraged and often laughed at

I am trying to balance the checkbook and we all know that whereas mathematics and I get along famously as long as it is in proof form or geometric shapes or even Trigonometry....this accounting/economical stuff is just so hard. Why o why should my numbers match the banks?? And, why does it have to be so darn hard for those cute lil (and when I say lil ya'll know what I'm talking about since it's the time of the year) numbers to just match up already!!!!! I think it is a very good thing there is not some dorky accountant (not you Mr M, Misses would not marry a dork) around because I would pull that person head long into my pity party and probably drown her/him. Who came up with this crap anyways?? {does anyone think the bank would take pity on me and just balance this thing for me like once a month????}

So........refreshments that way, dance floor to the right, have a blast and don't worry about a thing. I have it all under long as someone would kindly tell me that .44 is the same as .21. NO, hmmmmm refer to rule number 3 - I will find the mistake and someone is going down...yeah I know its only me and the kid and he doesn't have access to the bank account, but can't I blame him just cuz?!?!?! :-)


Foursons said...

Darn those banks and their stupid numbers! Why do they have to be so darn picky anyways? I mean seriously, what's an extra zero here or there. No big deal- IMHO of course.

I just made an enormous amount of Spritz cookies. I'll be over shortly with a plate full. And the bank will not get a single one of them, that's for sure.

M said...

I never got along with the bank either... I don't see why they have to be so particular anyway... why can't they just round the numbers up so it's all even? Even numbers are so much easier to get along with!

I have nothing to bring to add to the snack table, but I can definitely think up a few things to complain about! OMG, since you brought up geometry, can I complain about that? Geometry and I did NOT get along in high school.

kc said...

you 2 are the best!!!

This pity party is a free for all...come one come all, complain here and feel the sympathy - with a dose or 5 of sarcasm thrown in!

I don't have any alcoholic beverages, but I have cough syrup *-]