Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knowledge :)

I learn something new Every. Single. Day.!!! Now, I know that I am in a training class today and I am supposed to be learning today but thats neither here nor there. This is about Sea-Tac...I was under the assumption (yes I know that they say) that it was the Seattle - Tacoma area International Airport.......HUH! Nope, there is a little town called SeaTac. I am amazed!!! AMAZED I tell ya!!!!!!!!!

Vindicated....I am at the airport today (thursday 12/16) and as I was driving in the sign says Seattle Tacoma Area International Airport! Booyah. SeaTac, obviously you sprang up as a town because people are too lazy to drive to work LOL


M said...

LOL... my aunt works in Sea-Tac.

kc said...

Does she work at the airport??? Should I stop and say hi??? (wait is she the crazy aunt that we all have????????)

She lives here too doesn't she!?!?! C'mon you can tell me!!! LOL