Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekend Review

There is still no Blankie....but there is a new resident named Moose. (Yeah, the names are original....the stuffed dog is well, puppy...the stuffed cat is ummm kitty, the bigger stuffed dog is fuzzy and now the moose is moose. My kid is awesome with the namin, it saves on MY confusion!!!!) :)

The weekend was pretty awesome. Let me give you a cast of characters so you can follow along:

Doodles (we all know him by now since he stars in my stories often)
lil brother - my friends son
sister - my friends daughter
Friend - my friend
me/I - well that would be me, seriously this is not hard LOL

Saturday after cleaning, Doodles and I sat down and watched a Tinkerbell (I don't remember which one) for like the 3 millionth time. And then we watched some other random show on TV...because MOMMY, I didn't watch any TV allllllllll week long, can't we please....pretty please with mashed potatoes on top??????? I believe whatever was on NickJr was on my TV...I read a book. Once bedtime came we discover the missing blankie -- I do plan on tearing the house apart to find this possibly I should let it stay gone but.....well we will get to it.

Sunday we went to church....the Pre-K/K Sunday School class sang to us before service. TOO CUTE!!!! Doodles actually behaved pretty well so it was off to Friend's house to hang out for the day. We had lunch and then Lil Brother, Doodles, me and Friend went to the Science Center to check out the Grossology exhibit while Sister stayed home to study. Uhhhhh, yeah very apropos name. Doodles is so adorable it kills me, and Lil Brother is...well one of the best kids on the planet!!! The interacted so well. We walked through part of the Science Center when we were done and the two of them held hands. It was so darn cute. We spent an inexplicable amount of time at the mummified baby and Doodles was way into the interactive look at it....maybe he will be an archaeologist or something. After that we went to Our Lady of Snows Shrine for dinner with Friend and Sister (Lil Brother stayed at home for this part of the adventure). There were animals to pet, that licked me EWWWW, Sister and Doodles feed them (there was these really cute alpacas or whatever that were so not photogenic -- pretty funny), singing (that in Doodles words was annoying, but was actually very pretty), some amazing Kettle Corn, Dinner and then the Way of Lights which is sooooo pretty!!! Then on the way out Friend did a donation which is where Moose came from. Such a good day and Doodles loves Friend and her entire family so much!!! It is so adorable how they shy, don't touch me kid is anything but with them.

This morning I allowed him to sleep until he woke up on his own. Maybe a mistake....I told him to get dressed so I could take him to daycare (I really do have to work, after my meeting at the college) and we had a global meltdown. I don't know what that was all about, but possibly he needed his blankie to calm him. So yes I will be tearing this house apart to see if I can find it. If not we will just learn to live without and hope that somehow the memory that boy has forgets about blankie (of course he remembers the silliest things from years ago......) HELP!!!! :)

Now, I am off to prepare for my writing comp "test". Wish me luck.

Oh, BTW -- no new boy meeting. I know M has been wondering. We had a plan, he made other plans, no big deal. I am pretty content with the way things are running right now.


Shell said...

Good luck on your test and I hope you find blankie! My youngest would melt down without his!

M said...

LOL... you don't have time for a boy anyway!

kc said...

hehehe -- No I do not! I am still trying to find blankie and that's a full time job hehehehe