Friday, December 10, 2010

Sad Day

December 10, 2008 I had an early morning doctor appointment. The news I received shocked me. Pregnant??? How, does someone with issues get pregnant twice in one year. It was unbelievable. I walked into work shocked, confused but cautiously excited that I was going to have a baby.

I settled into my work day and checked my messages. What is going on? I tried to let it settle in my brain and then I received the second message. I cried. I didn't understand, or maybe I just didn't want to understand what was happening. I never asked for any of it. I never asked he do anything but make himself happy. The more upset I got the more I thought about the dangers of getting upset, stressed, too high or too low was to my pregnancy.

I'm sad today. The thought of that day, the high and then the low. The thoughts of what eventually happened with that pregnancy. Yeah, I'm sad on a sad day.


M said...

I'm sorry. I understand, and I know that you need to let yourself feel however you need to feel. I think it's important to remember even though it hurts... I'm here for you!

kc said...

I know!!! That necklace actually helped a lot in therapy line of sorts :)